Join Me

As this mission starts in August, I am preparing to leave home, my family, friends, and all the faces and surroundings familiar to me to a new place of ministry and service. Even though I’m going alone physically, I don’t have to when you join me in prayers and support! I cannot do it without your prayers. So, would you please pray with me for the ministries that I will take part in?

Please pray that:

  • I will trust God wholeheartedly and be anchored in Christ 
  • I will serve with humility, love, and compassion as Jesus did. Wherever I am, I believe, it is so important to serve with all three, remembering the purpose of serving is to glorify God.
  • Through service, community living, and other experiences, I can witness and share what God sees in His people, His work, and the world.
  • All volunteers including me will be one in mind, heart, and spirit in serving, loving, and worshiping as we spend time together in devotion, fellowship, and others. 

Another part of support is the financial piece. A part of being a YAV (Young Adult Volunteer) requires raising funds of $3,000 for the year. If you are able and have a heart to support me this way, please consider supporting me either through donation or monthly support. All the volunteers will be a part of simple living and this fund meets the basic needs and fund for the ministry.

There are two ways to support me financially:

1. Send the fund straight to DOOR (Discovering opportunities for Outreach & Reflection)  — which is an organization that partners with PCUSA to host YAVs.

  •  Either mail a check with “Miami – Kim” on the memo line to

               DOOR (430 W. 9th Ave, Denver, CO 80204)

  • Or, donate online by going to and click on “Donate – Secure server”  link on the rightBy putting “Miami- Kim” on the Description or Designation part so that the donation will go straight to fund for me.

2. Send the fund through PCUSA (Presbyterian Church of USA).

  • Mail a check with “Miami-Kim” on the memo line to

        Presbyterian Remittance Processing (P.O. Box 643700, Pittsburgh, PA 15264-3700)

Whether it is through prayers or financial support, I’m so grateful for the people who are here to share this journey with me! Thank you for taking time to learn about this mission and supporting me with your prayers, interest, and funding support.


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