Living Faithfully as Christ-followers

What does it mean to live faithfully as Christ-followers?

What does it mean to live a life as “Christians”? What does that mean and look like in real life?

There can be NUMEROUS answers based on countless sources. Scriptures. Guidelines. Suggestions. Lives of real people in the past and current world. Abstract ideas. Concepts. and Theologies. Advice from people of faith in various walks of life.  And, I am not discounting any of these. Rather, I believe these are incredibly important in order to live this life – whatever this life entails – of followers of Christ.

Nevertheless, I don’t think I pose this question internally or publicly because I’m necessarily looking for the right answer. It’s the questions that follow that I want to consider deeper. And, in order to think about these questions, I first have to reflect on the question above.

After I ask the initial question, I begin a series more: Do I live it – the life of Christ-follower? Do I live what I profess? Do WE, as believers and people of God’s Kingdom, live out our faith in His Presence collectively? If not, how do I (or we) live that? Where do we begin? Or, is defining life set apart as Christians needed or important? Or, is there such a thing? do we just live life as best as we know how and hope that is enough?

I reflect on these questions as I see the tension between the life I live and the faith I claim to have because there is a gap. And, I believe that this gap is only bridged by the Spirit of God and the process is what this life is supposed to be. And, I thought and still think doing this service year is a part of living that life as a Christ-follower in my life. But, that’s not enough these days. I thirst for more. And, I don’t even know what. Just seeking and searching which seems to be never ending.




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