“A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words”

It is already May! Only three months away from the end of my YAV year. It is a weird feeling, approaching the end. And, I have been trying to post here more often. There are a couple of blog posts that I have been editing and drafting past month and a half that I haven’t even posted with all the craziness of moving out of Club Shirley (yes, we moved because of mold situation), Florida legislative session, and other transitions of this year. I came to the conclusion, it will take FOREVER for me to finish drafting any of the blog posts to form fully with words. So, instead, I will post pictures – only a few! If one picture is worth a thousand words, then all these will worth tens of thousands of words. None of these are just random pictures. Every one of them tells a story of my year so far and I am reminded of it every time I look at them. So, here goes – my attempt to share those stories! (Warning: This is NOT in chronological order – if I tried that – THAT will take forever)
  Snapchat-5765 1392264073811 20140216_072726

20130905_185039 20130928_182556 20130905_18510020130929_184932  20130927_142419  20140213_182003 20130927_141830  20130927_142312 20131003_103254 20131128_192218 20140407_210036_edit_120131024_103301 20131124_174944 20140221_183511  20140221_184926_edit_1 20140221_18324120131127_111616

  P131127_122641  P131127_112929 P131127_120513P140106_162737_edit_1 (1) P131125_070914    P131129_092217  P131116_100019 20131218_191956 P131118_125529 P131205_162303 P131205_163428 P131205_161507 20140225_124209 P131118_161837 P131114_163608

20140401_081919   20140309_174958 20140309_174641

P131219_101321   20140309_174647

P131218_170656   P131218_163458

Snapchat-20131218043757 (1)    20140124_14370520140403_190839 P131115_102627

Snapchat-20140214125528  20140214_113740 20140228_113415

P130929_180311 20140228_112520  20140228_120731

20140305_202700  1399065224148

20140502_162239 Snapchat-1076 P131024_125750





20140314_110147  20140314_122042 20140226_130007   20140307_13322220140417_110006  Snapchat-20140304120516  Snapchat-2014030412164520140320_200254 20140320_200935  20140320_205120  20140404_115049_edit_1  20140410_192226   P130924_202223_edit_2 Snapchat-7532P130928_181016_edit_1  P131005_191803 Snapchat-20131219105754 P131025_183900   P131025_184300   P131124_185216  P131124_185200  Snapchat-9399P131130_105351   P131204_102756   P131214_175838  P131207_232345 Snapchat-20131212051940 (1)

P131212_183833_edit_1 (1)  P131206_152712 Snapchat-20140208105147P140110_114302 P140110_121552_edit_1

P140410_070717 P140410_194559 Snapchat-2416 Snapchat-2815 Snapchat-3595  Snapchat-6394

Snapchat-6498 Snapchat-6505 Snapchat-7496

Snapchat-8562  Snapchat-9594 Snapchat-9779

Snapchat-20131027083550  Snapchat-20140110095413 Snapchat-20140110120120

Snapchat-20140110120515 Snapchat-20140110124346 Snapchat-20140111011831

Snapchat-20140111014547 Snapchat-20140118043649 Snapchat-20140118045505

Snapchat-20140118055953 Snapchat-20140118060217 Snapchat-20140118060312

Snapchat-20140124014348 Snapchat-20140204054853 1012078_712643225454808_1163611794_n

P140111_134716 1690329_694536233932174_1719456353_n  P140111_134654_edit_1

1907290_734424139943383_8807294681420515606_n 1186218_617449424974189_691265215_n1491758_726580687394395_6750561117547561969_n 1925296_726421967410267_3434704747450307115_n   1970658_709737345745396_1697564236_n 1897954_711709695548161_2008757211_n  10176018_10152390441620329_4326464068774761368_n 1098279_609562409096224_116808187_n   1383432_625541160831682_983202500_n1385424_638593629526435_1954083722_n   1390523_638720539513744_505369362_n   521996_642392082479923_1704520651_n 1381916_625541134165018_361160995_n 1941379_751302021567497_8606305190387138294_o Snapchat-20140412073755

1471921_664271920291939_508783428_n  993803_682012331851231_1513771395_n

1959797_708105502575247_125691340_n 1977462_716529445066186_994831972_n 10169234_727120647340399_9035742269156448721_n


Snapchat-20140221011603   Snapchat-20140306074633 Snapchat-20140307030405


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