Update of Journey in Miami — Entering 2014.

It has been three months since I last posted! I really came to Miami thinking that I will blog at least once a month, but that turned out to be harder than I thought. It’s not that I don’t have anything to write about or nothing happened past three months. On the contrary, LOTS of things happened. More thoughts went through my mind. As a person who processes internally, I didn’t want to write a blog post before I had my time to think and process what I have been experiencing and learning. But, I guess that process will be a never-ending journey. So, after many reminders and encouragements that I should share, I’m here!

Up till Christmas, I was a bit overwhelmed with challenges that I faced. Finding my place at a new environment, challenging my comfort zone, and learning about self and others, and seeking God in the midst of all these took time and persevering. And, it is still continuing, the process of learning, serving, and purging through – and I don’t think it will ever end. Christmas break was a nice, restful, and recharging time for me to think about and reflect. I saw familiar faces, places, and settings with a different perspective and thought if 4 months away can do that, what would happen when I come back after a year. I also realized my limits as well as my strengths. It was definitely a needed time. Regardless, first week back to Miami was incredibly difficult, more so than before. This was when homesickness hit more.

But, in ALL THESE, God reminded me again to be faithful. I tried multiple times before to be intentional about giving thanks to God who give so much, but whenever I struggled, I became really discouraged.  Then, I went to worship one night and I was reminded to look beyond myself and my little struggles and see Him and His greater purpose. “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” Hebrews 11:1. Isn’t God bigger than myself and His purpose good compared to any others’? I was so caught up with small and big struggles in my own life, I kept losing focus on His will and concern for others. And, I still do this all the time, but I don’t fear challenges as much anymore, knowing that following Christ will require more difficult challenges in life but I have greater hope in Jesus.


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