10 Things I love about Club Shirley

My laptop finally decided to connect to internet. So, I thought I would write a short blog post about 10 things I love about our house, Club Shirley.

1. Well, Club Shirley the house. I couldn’t tell from the picture before I arrived in Miami, but the peach/corral/pinkish color, whole bars on the window, grassy front yard, and all of what makes Club Shirley, I love it more and more daily.


2. “Patty” the cat. One of many cats in our neighborhood, but special in our household as he visits us almost everyday and greets us when we return home from work, church, or any other events away. I have never been a cat lover, but almost all my housemates are and he makes them happy. And, it’s good to see a friendly face everyday even though he didn’t like that I didn’t let him in the house the other day.

3. Kelly’s Bakery almost every night. One of my housemates loves to bake and her muffins, cakes, brownies are awesome! The latest dessert: cupcakes. Jealous? You should be. Because they are Hershey chocolate with marshmallow filling and graham cracker bottom. Very yummy.

4. Family Meal. We have family meal many nights a week. And, the whole process of cooking is different every time, but I love the meal together. We pray together, holding hands and we also clean together afterward. It is nice to have family dinner with good food, good people, and good conversations.

5. Gecko in the bed. Okay. It only happened once, and I don’t particularly like them in my bed or in the kitchen. But, when I sent a picture of the little guy to everyone in panic, many suggestions and help came. After I calmed down a bit, I gently and respectfully removed him from the house.


6. Ingenious shower curtain rod extension. Lanier and I realized that the our bathroom tub is longer than we expected. So, we put our creativity hat on and came up with a solution to the problem. Don’t worry about it breaking. It is held by the world’s greatest invention known to human kind. Can you guess?


7. Language learning sessions at Club Shirley. Our house is unique in that all of us at least know some of different languages other than English. Spanish, French, Korean, Swahili, and American Sign Language, to be exact. There’s even a language wall in our living room. We are still working on it, but it’s a good start. 😉


8. Spontaneous concerts. So, we have  two very talented musicians in our household and they have played guitar for us. Sing along, laughter, and music filled house. What more could you ask?

9. Cards and packages from friends and family. Love receiving them. Feel like I am remembered, valued, and appreciated even from afar. And, a piece from home as I got a package that contained plethora of Korean ramen noodle from mom. 😛

1305344_10151918215790329_417647116_n 1369192_10151918215780329_1224553145_n

10. More than anything. My amazing housemates make Club Shirley home. Their passion and gifts. Their stories and journeys. Their willingness to listen and carry one another through difficulties and hardships and celebration of blessings and joy. I think Club Shirley wouldn’t be the same without them. And, I am genuinely grateful for a house full of GREAT people. Thank and Praise God for that!



5 thoughts on “10 Things I love about Club Shirley

  1. Beautiful post, Suyeon. We so enjoyed getting to meet you all and see Club Shirley. What a wonderful journey this year is for all of you. Hope to see you again before it is over. Love to you all. Lanier’s Mom

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